Open post Drug testing in Western Australia in the workplace can save lives.

Drugs and alcohol in Western Australian workplaces

Management vital, but should you include drug testing? Managing drugs and alcohol in any business is not only commonplace, it’s practically mandatory, and that’s certainly no different in Western Australia. But does managing drugs and alcohol in Western Australia mean you should conduct drug testing? Drug and alcohol management in Western Australia WorkSafe Western Australia...

Open post Workplace drug testing in WA can be conducted virtually anywhere!

‘Way out there’ workplace drug testing in WA

If safety is important in your WA business and your employees face risks in their roles, then you most likely already conduct workplace drug testing or have considered implementing drug testing in your WA workplace. But what if your workplace isn’t in Perth or another major regional town in Western Australia? What if your workplace...

Open post Who would you rather travel with, a pilot or a vehicle driver who would fail drug testing in Western Australia?

Drug testing in Western Australia conundrum

It’s the drug testing in Western Australia conundrum of the century. The almost impossible choice that you’d probably only answer if someone put a gun to your head. The question? Who would you rather travel with: The pilot of a light plane high on methamphetamines or a juvenile vehicle driver with methamphetamines and cannabis in...

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