Open post Police in WA are trying to put a red light on positive drug testing results with new plans to slug those who offend.

Drug testing catches drivers in Western Australia

According to an article on ABC News, more people were caught by drug testing than alcohol testing on Western Australia’s regional roads during a three-week school-holiday operation. Highway Patrol officers from the Regional Enforcement Unit were deployed to fatal accident hotspots in Western Australia’s Midwest, Southwest and Great Southern regions for the operation. Around 5000...

Open post Who would you rather travel with, a pilot or a vehicle driver who would fail drug testing in Western Australia?

Drug testing in Western Australia conundrum

It’s the drug testing in Western Australia conundrum of the century. The almost impossible choice that you’d probably only answer if someone put a gun to your head. The question? Who would you rather travel with: The pilot of a light plane high on methamphetamines or a juvenile vehicle driver with methamphetamines and cannabis in...

Open post If your workplace is safety critical, drug testing should be a priority.

Drug testing in Western Australia a workplace imperative

If you own or manage a business in Western Australia that is safety critical, one of your key tactics to improve safety should be to conduct workplace drug testing. Western Australian statistics show that drug use and misuse is an issue in our state, making drug testing an absolute necessity. Drug use and misuse in...

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