Just a short note to say, great to meet you and thank you for a very professional and thorough service you have provided on Thursday at the branch and the subsequent follow ups.

Stuart Fiedler
General Manager of EnLog Pacific Holdings

We recently completed our first round of drug and alcohol testing with Integrity Sampling and it went really smoothly. Thank to all the team at Integrity Sampling for their help. I believe the testing went so smoothly because we’d done the consultation and training, our procedure was thorough and the union was on board.

Peta Tyndall
OHS&E Coordinator
Campbellfield Manufacturing

SVITZER have been using Integrity Sampling exclusively for a number of years now and the Company could not be happier with the service that we have received.

We have ports all around Australia and the geographic distance can sometimes provide a challenge, however we use Integrity Sampling across all our ports nationally.

SVITZER has testing every quarter for each of our ports and Integrity Sampling have never let us down. We also conduct testing for cause whereby we will notify Integrity Sampling at the last minute and they have never failed to turn up on time.

Aside from the testing, Integrity Sampling ran information sessions for our crew and head office staff, so that everyone knew what the process was and they were able to ask any questions.

Integrity Sampling has also assisted us in our review of the Drug and Alcohol Policy to ensure that it met the changing standards of testing.

Integrity Sampling provide us with a tailored service and make the Company feel that we are the only clients that they service - and service well.

We could not be happier with the way Integrity Sampling have assisted us.

Note: Integrity Sampling developed Svitzer Australasia's National Drug and Alcohol Management Program and continue to work with Svitzer to provide a large volume of tests on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week basis, including call outs to ports in city and regional locations.

Ushma Dhanak
HR/IR Business Partner - NSW
Human Resources

I am the Occupational Health and Safety Manager for Martin-Brower Distribution and have been since December 2007. It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial on behalf of Integrity Sampling for the exceptional level of service provided to our business as part of our Drug and Alcohol testing regime.

Martin-Brower Distribution has been utilising the services of Integrity Sampling for random, for cause and incident workplace drug testing since the introduction of our Drug and Alcohol Policy in July 2009. Integrity Sampling has seamlessly integrated themselves as part of our Drug and Alcohol progamme which is firmly based on the premise that only employees and visitors who are “fit for duty” may enter our work sites, operate our equipment and drive our vehicles.

Integrity Sampling has been instrumental in ensuring that no negative impact on operations have occurred, whilst random drug and alcohol testing is being conducted at any of our 8 work site locations across Australia. Integrity Sampling has also provided our business with valuable information on the taking of both proscribed and non prescribed medication whilst at work and continually reinforces the importance of making well informed decisions based on sound medical advice provided by a doctor or pharmacist.

To conclude, I would very much like to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional level of service Integrity Sampling has provided our business and as such, enthusiastically recommend Integrity Sampling to any organisation looking at implementing a drug and alcohol testing programme at their work place location.

Paul Zarb
National Workplace Health and Safety Manager
Martin-Brower Distribution

When NatSteel Aus P/L sought to improve our Drug and Alcohol Management Program we turned to the professionals in the field; Integrity Sampling. They provided prompt and reliable assistance in improving policy and procedures and implementing the program. Integrity Sampling is professional in their approach to testing our people and their procedures ensure minimal impact to operations while ensuring we maintain Drug and Alcohol free workplaces.

Stuart Manning
Compliance Manager
NatSteel Australia Pty Ltd
Richlands, QLD

I appreciate all Integrity Sampling’s help with the development and implementation of our Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures, it saved me a lot of time (hours and hours). Your knowledge of the laws relating to Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures and the testing of staff was paramount to the quick implementation. Once again thanks for all the work that was put in.

Steven Lord
Supply Chain Manager
Workplace Health and Safety Officer
Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator
Vanglobe Pty Ltd
Carole Park, QLD

Due to the complex nature of our industry and the communities we operate within the introduction of a successful alcohol and other drug program was seen as an imperative. To ensure our key objective of a safer work environment was achieved it was critical that the development, launch and ongoing maintenance of this program be successful to ensure a smooth take up, no industrial action and in general acceptance across the board.

We reviewed numerous organizations in our search to locate an appropriate partner on our journey of introduction and in the end decided for numerous reasons to select Integrity Sampling. Initially, I held reservation around the spend on front end education work and degree of preparation required.

However, I am now more than convinced that the program developed with Integrity Sampling including comprehensive front end work and education was a key contributor to our successful launch. Our program has been welcomed and embraced on all levels within the organization. We have not experienced any industrial issues or action and in general the experience has been an extremely positive one.

If you are after an extremely professional and successful program, I would without question recommend the Integrity Sampling team.

Kaylene Little
Head of HR, QA & Safety
Tassal Group Limited
(Australia's largest salmon producer)
Huonville, TAS

It is with great pleasure that I offer the following testimonial for the work of Integrity Sampling with the Toll Group’s Chaplaincy and Second Step Programs.

For over eight years Integrity Sampling have provided confidential, discrete and accurate testing for our Second Step employment program.

Initially the system was a new and unknown alternative to urine and blood sampling. Neither of these options provided us with the detail we required regarding drug use, and occupational safety. Integrity Sampling explained the process, clarified much of the confusion about testing and its work place application and have proved to be a reliable partner within the Toll Group’s Chaplaincy and Second Step Programs.

Many of the Second Step participants have a history of addiction and the sensitivity shown by the technicians has allowed this process to become a friendly exercise rather than a daunting inquisition. It is frequently mentioned that participants see the testing as an opportunity to show they are ‘clean’ and on the right track rather than an imposition.

In fact the ‘testers’ have become intrinsic to the wider mentoring and support network we provide for the Second Step Program participants.

The testing is done on- or off- sight in a friendly and completely professional manner. Explanation of the process is provided to participants and the feedback regarding the process has always been positive (no pun intended).

The presence of the Integrity Sampling technicians on sight is always discreet and professional. They exhibit an understanding of the limits imposed by the work place and work well to fit in, get their work done and leave with a minimum of fuss.

In addition to performing the required Second Step testing, Integrity Sampling Technicians have provided detailed explanation of the process to individual business units. As a result Integrity Sampling has been contracted to work with various Toll sites for their own testing requirements.

I can say without hesitation that the role Integrity Sampling has played in the Second Step Program has been crucial to its acceptance and success throughout the Toll Group of companies.

Ruth Oakden
Senior Chaplain and Second Step Program Manger
Toll Group, Melbourne VIC

Integrity Sampling drug and alcohol testing testimonials