FAQs on drug and alcohol management

Yes.  In addition, each of our accredited technicians has received specific training for the testing devices we use, proper management of on-site testing, privacy laws, confidentiality of information and OH&S.

Integrity Sampling’s primary service is providing our expert accredited technicians to conduct all necessary testing for our clients.

We service the majority of our clients with our own accredited technicians. This  is cost effective, allows use of the best testing technology available and is compliant  with the relevant Australian Standards.

In some circumstances eg. If your business is located in a remote area, it may be more practical to conduct “in house” testing. Integrity Sampling can provide the equipment, training and support to facilitate this.

This is a common misconception.  Fitness for work has always been a safety expectation/requirement in every workplace.  Provided your employees present at your workplace  fit for work, they will not risk returning a positive test result. This is another benefit of identifying recent exposure to drugs via saliva testing as opposed to a history of drug use with urine testing.

The proposed Legislation again requires employers to manage risks, such as the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, in their workplace.  Employers need to implement proactive strategies to manage such risks.

Workplace Standards (TAS) recently stated “Where impairment due to alcohol and drug use is considered a factor in a workplace accident, the courts will take into account whether or not an alcohol and drugs policy exists, and how consistently it has been implemented”.

Yes. Provided your employees are properly trained, inducted and acknowledge the terms of your alcohol and other drug (fit for work) policy and procedure, you can require testing within the terms and conditions of your policy and procedure.

Yes.  Integrity Sampling has established guidelines to effectively manage medications whilst maintaining employee privacy.

Saliva testing detects what is known as the “parent” drug, the psychoactive component which gives the “high” from the drug.  The accuracy of the saliva test is dependent upon the quality of the test device. (Australian Standard AS4760 recommends devices which have an adequacy indicator and an instrument to interpret the result.)

The detection of drugs in saliva suggests your employee may be currently affected by the drug detected, and therefore not fit for work.  Several Industrial Relations / Fair Work Australia decisions have ruled that urine drug testing  is unreasonable as it is too intrusive.  Saliva however has been ruled more appropriate for ongoing workplace testing. When conducted with quality equipment by accredited technicians, on-site saliva testing is very accurate, with the test result available within five minutes of the sample being provided.

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