Alcohol testing on Tasmania’s high seas


We’ve probably all experienced alcohol testing on the roads and some people may have experienced it at work, but did you know that you can also be stopped for alcohol testing in Tasmania on the water?

According to Tasmania Police, alcohol testing for people who operate recreational and commercial vessels is required to ensure the safety of all people who use our waterways. The Police have the ability and right to conduct alcohol testing on vessel operators randomly, when a vessel operator is believed to have been drinking or when a marine accident has occurred.

It’s also worth noting that a vessel operator is any person who steers or adjusts the propulsion of a vessel, so if you’ve been drinking alcohol it’s best to leave the operation of the vessel entirely in another person’s hands. Even helping for a few seconds by taking the wheel or the tiller could land you in hot water.

Alcohol testing on the water – what are the limits?

Like on our roads, there are strict alcohol limits when operating vessels on Tasmanian waters, and they are essentially the same as on roadsides. So this means that 0.05 is the legal limit for most people, including recreational and fishing vessel operators. However, for those operating a commercial vessel the limit is always zero.

If you fail alcohol testing in Tasmania on the water, you can expect some significant consequences. This includes fines of up to $1000 and vessel licence disqualifications for up to 15 months.

Play it safe on the water

Meanwhile, research by the Royal Life Saving Society shows that alcohol use is also a leading cause of drownings in Tasmania and Australia-wide. A high number of the drownings involved men, with research showing that 51% of those men who have drowned over the past 15 years having a contributory level of alcohol and drugs in their system. Water users over-estimating their fitness levels was another main causal factor.

Workplace alcohol testing in Tasmania

Of course, alcohol isn’t just an issue on our roads and waterway.

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Alcohol testing on Tasmania’s waterways may not be as common as on the roads, but its purposes is exactly the same.

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