Alcohol testing nabs another ‘lucky’ driver in Tasmania

Alcohol testing’s hall of shame in Tasmania includes a female driver who was nearly six times over the limit. Credit Highway Patrol Images.

It often astounds us when we hear of people who have been nabbed by alcohol testing for high level drink driving offences. It doesn’t surprise us that they’ve been nabbed for driving while over the limit – unfortunately that’s a common occurrence. The astonishing aspect is that they could still drive a car and not have an accident with such a high level of alcohol in their blood.

Such was the case in Tasmania recently, when police caught up with a Devonport man after he was seen swerving violently and narrowly avoided hitting a parked car. Alcohol testing showed the man was well over the limit. In fact, he blew 0.181, which is more than three-and-a-half times over the legal limit.

According to an article on the Pulse Tasmania website, the alcohol testing result wasn’t the only thing that will come back to haunt the driver. He also allegedly assaulted Tasmania Police officers before being taken into custody.

Tasmania alcohol testing result not isolated

While this alcohol testing result from Tasmania is astonishing, it’s not an isolated incident. Every day of every week, people are being pulled up in Tasmania and across Australia with high blood alcohol concentrations.

Like the male driver who crashed into wheelie bins and collided with a brick fence earlier this year in Port Sorell. Alcohol testing of the Tasmanian driver showed he was nearly five times over the level limit.

Like another driver who was caught by alcohol testing not once, not twice, but three times in less than a week. The incidents took part in the north-west of Tasmania over the March long-weekend.

Or the female driver who was pulled over by police on the Huon Highway in Tasmania late last year. The alcohol testing result must have had police looking twice at the breathalyser. The reading was nearly six times over the blood alcohol limit. Yes, six!

What are the consequences for driving while over the limit in Tasmania?

You may wonder what the consequences are for driving while over the legal limit in Tasmania?

On the one hand, you could look at the fines and licence disqualifications as consequences. However, when you think about it, fines and licence disqualifications are lucky consequences. Lucky when you consider the potential costs of driving drunk. Potential costs such as killing or severely injuring yourself, killing or severely injuring someone else, or ending up in jail for a lengthy period because of your actions.

Alcohol testing in Tasmania really does save lives.


Alcohol testing’s hall of shame in Tasmania includes a female driver who was nearly six times over the limit. Credit Highway Patrol Images.

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