COVID-19 rapid testing in the workplace

Is COVID-19 rapid testing in the workplace the next buzzword in the war on COVID? Credit Nick Saltmarsh

COVID-19 has thrown forward some new buzzwords that until recently weren’t part of common vernacular. Words like “herd immunity”, “flattening the curve” and “roadmap to recovery” spring to mind. Now there’s a new buzzword to add to the list and you’re going to hear this a lot in the coming months, and that’s “rapid testing in the workplace”.

COVID-19 rapid testing, in case you didn’t know, is testing that provides results in around 15 minutes. It’s seen a game-changer for workplaces that want to protect their business and their employees. It’s also being used in other situations, such as in schools, aged care homes and quarantine facilities. Plus, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) last week approved three COVID-19 rapid testing kits that can be used at home from November 1st.

According to a recent article on, COVID-19 rapid testing is already being used in a  number of workplaces. In Victoria, this includes places like the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the level-crossing removal project. Set to be added to the list are other areas of the healthcare system, public schools, childcare and corrections facilities.

The article tells the story of supermarket distribution centres, which are rolling out COVID-19 rapid testing to not only protect the businesses and its workers, but to also ensure vital grocery supply chains remain open.

The rapid testing push has the support of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association or SDA, the union for workers in retail, fast food and warehousing.

Lead Warehousing and Distribution Organiser Peter McNeill said in the ABC article, “We wish that all warehouses would take on the rapid antigen testing. We know from experience with what Woolworths is doing, they’ve actually picked up a number of (COVID-positive) people before they’ve gone into the warehouse.

“They’ve made it a healthy and safe environment for our members, so that’s great.”

COVID-19 rapid testing for your workplace

If you’re looking to use COVID-19 rapid testing in your workplace, Integrity Sampling can help. As highlighted, it’s an important tool in protecting your business and your employees, as well as protecting any customers who come into contact with your people.

Integrity Sampling now provides COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Point of Care Testing for workplaces. There are several benefits of using our service, including:

  • Our rapid testing uses saliva samples that require those being tested to rub a sponge-like pen tip inside their mouths. No spitting and no uncomfortable nasal or throat swabbing is required.
  • It’s quick. A sample can be collected in as little as two minutes and it only takes 15 minutes to get a result.
  • Testing can be done virtually anywhere.
  • Integrity Sampling’s testing equipment has been approved by the TGA.

It’s important to highlight that any workplace COVID-19 rapid testing program does not replace the standard PCR testing. Rapid testing is used to test those who are not displaying any COVID symptoms, which people who are symptomatic are advised to undertake a PCR test as soon as symptoms appear.

Contact Integrity Sampling for COVID-19 rapid testing in your workplace

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Is COVID-19 rapid testing in the workplace the next buzzword in the war on COVID? Credit Nick Saltmarsh

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