How to pass saliva drug testing in Queensland

Only time can help you pass saliva drug testing in Queensland. Credit Marco Verch Professional and Alper Çuğun (images modified)

We know a thing or two about drug testing, so it was interesting when an article recently landed in our inbox titled: “How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test (Ultimate Guide)”. The online article was published by the Detroit Metro Times, an alternative source for news, culture and more. We thought it was worth having a closer look to see if the information had any bearing on our drug testing in Queensland and the rest of Australia.

Is a mouth swab drug test simply saliva drug testing?

First of all, it’s important to highlight that in Australia we generally call mouth swab drug testing saliva or oral drug testing. It simply uses saliva, collected from a person, to test for the presence drugs.

As the article says, “They are used as an alternative to urine drug tests since they are easier to administer and cost-effective, and the samples are virtually impossible to tamper with. Mouth swab tests are used for everything from pre-employment screening and random testing to post-accident testing.”

The article goes on to say that mouth swab tests can detect a range of drugs and are extremely accurate. They are also less invasive than other methods, with no peeing in a cup or needles required.

No great argument from us so far. As regular readers of our blogs will know, Integrity Sampling recommends saliva drug testing in Queensland and right across the Australian workplaces we service. One of the major reasons for this, not mentioned in the article, is that saliva drug testing is a better indicator of impairment than urine and other testing methods.

Back to the article, unfortunately, that’s where the facts stop and the senseless promotion begins. You see, the article is nothing more than an advertisement for two products that claim to enable people to pass saliva drug testing.

The first is aptly named the Fail Safe Kit, which is essentially a detox kit. It claims to take effect in just 60 minutes and will continue cleansing for six hours. The second is also a detox kit and is called Mega Clean Detox Drink. They recommend using this product 12 to 24 hours before your drug test for best results.

Can you pass saliva drug testing in Queensland?

So, do the products have any merit and is it possible to pass saliva drug testing in Queensland? The simple answer is yes, you can pass saliva drug testing, but it’s going to take something more reliable than a detox kit. It’s going to take time.

Saliva drug testing methods used by Integrity Sampling and many police forces are effective at detecting drugs in a person’s system, but only if the drugs have been taken recently. As a very general guideline, you’ll likely be fine if you are asked to under saliva drug testing by Queensland Police or in your workplace, 12 to 24 hours after taking the drugs. But this can depend on a range of factors.

Your best bet is to not take drugs at all or, if you do, make sure you leave plenty of time before driving a car, going to work or, in fact, doing anything that requires focus and concentration. Even climbing on a stool at home to replace a lightbulb, riding a bike or mowing the lawn could be dangerous if you’re still affected by drugs.

As for the detox kits and the myriad of other ways to reduce the impact of drugs and pass saliva drug testing in Queensland…? Forget it. File these products away with solutions such as snake oil, cold showers and copious amounts of coffee because only time can help you pass the test.


Only time can help you pass saliva drug testing in Queensland. Credit Marco Verch Professional and Alper Çuğun (images modified)

By Michael

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