Alcohol testing nabs woman in Tasmania


As reported in The Examiner, a woman in Launceston, Tasmania, has allegedly failed alcohol testing after crashing into a food store and cafe yesterday.

It’s alleged the women blow over three times the legal limit during Police Tasmania alcohol testing.

With a reading of 0.187 per cent blood alcohol level, it’s little wonder the woman could not control her car. Below are some insights into how most people react when they reach a certain BAC level:

  • When BAC gets over 0.1, around twice the legal limit in most states, including Tasmania, motor coordination for most people will be impaired. The drinker may feel good and may even argue that they’re fine, but anyone who’s sober will notice that the person is getting drunk and will notice things like impairment of speech, balance, hearing and reaction times.
  • After a couple more drinks, at around 0.15 BAC, most people will exhibit a lack of physical control. Emotions can also become inconsistent, with happiness and euphoria quickly changing to anxiety, restlessness and perhaps even anger.
  • Approaching 0.2 BAC, most of us will probably recognise it’s time to stop drinking. For many people, this is the stage that they will feel nauseous and perhaps dazed, confused, disorientated and unbalanced.
  • For those that don’t recognise the signs and keep drinking, at 0.25 BAC the dangers really start to mount. At this level it’s possible to choke on your own vomit and the risk of an accident such as a fall is increased.
  • At 0.30 BAC – the level of the female driver mentioned above – while many people will have passed out, at the very least the drinker will have little idea of what is happening. Ask their name and they may have trouble answering.
  • Finally, if you do keep drinking (or are capable of continuing to drink!) at between 0.35 and 0.4 BAC, a coma is imminent and the risk of death due to respiratory arrest is high.


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