COVID-19 and drug and alcohol testing concerns


I hope you; your colleagues, family and friends are all healthy and staying safe through these trying times.

We have growing concerns, regarding the recent increase in suspension/cancellations of random, incident and causal drug and alcohol testing services, we normally provide, to many high-risk industries such as transport, distribution/warehousing, manufacturing and construction.

We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to rapidly evolve, however the rapid decrease in regular random drug and alcohol testing is alarming.

Whilst we completely understand and fully accept these decisions regarding visitors to sites and the temporary suspension of random drug and alcohol testing services, we are also well aware of the safety risks in the workplace amplified by heightened anxiety with the COVID-19 and the effect on their employees. It is a priority to us that our clients, their staff and families and the wider community remain safe and healthy. As well as promoting a safer, more productive work environment, random Drug and Alcohol testing certainly helps to enhance employee wellbeing, on and off the job.

Historically there is always a significant spike in drug and alcohol abuse in times of increased social and economic distress and uncertainty. We are aware of the safety risks in the workplace amplified by heightened anxiety with the COVID-19 and the effect on employees. In recent weeks we have experienced a rise in THC, Methamphetamines and Alcohol non-negative screenings.

We have provided assurances that Integrity Sampling is here to support these industries throughout this uncertainty and are committed to minimising any disruption to business throughout this challenging period and recognise that person to person contact will be limited in the months ahead. Our focus is to ensure a safe environment for our employees, contractors, clients and their staff so we can continue to deliver our services in a safe and hygienic environment.

Our technicians have all undergone COVID-19 infection control training and have been given additional sanitiser and disinfection materials and procedures as well as social distancing awareness training during testing.

Alcohol and drug testing on our roads

According to an ABC News article, despite a dramatic reduction in traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting Australians’ movements, 35 people have lost their lives on South Australia’s roads this year — with several serious incidents occurring over the Easter long weekend. SA Police have also warned that, “Unfortunately, some people haven’t heeded the road safety message and police have detected drink and drug drivers across the state.” See link for full details.

Warm Regards,

Brett Money

Group General Manager
Integrity Sampling AUS & NZ

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