3 reasons to undertake drug testing in your Queensland workplace

One of the most common questions we hear is why should we conduct drug testing in our Queensland workplace?

It’s a fair enough question, because conducting drug testing is an expense so it needs to be justified. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why drug testing in a Queensland workplace is a smart move:

  1. First and foremost, drug testing will improve safety. As part of a drug and alcohol management plan, drug testing will help ensure your employees are fit for work. In an environment where safety is critical, an employee who is under the influence of drugs is a clear safety risk.
  2. Drug testing can help protect your Queensland business. Any incident or accident in your business can be shattering, and if it’s found that a person involved is under the influence of drugs, it can be devastating to your business. In the case of a serious accident, particularly one involving a fatality, you’ll most likely be asked if your workplace has a drug and alcohol policy in place and asked to provide clear evidence on how you police the policy. Hopefully you’ll be able to provide the right answers and evidence!
  3. Having a drug and alcohol management plan in place, and conducting regular drug testing in your Queensland workplace, will likely help other areas of your business apart from safety. For example, it’s been shown that workplaces with drug and alcohol issues can also have higher absenteeism, lower morale, poor productivity and more cases of equipment and property damage.

Drug testing in Queensland workplaces

Before conducting drug testing in your Queensland workplace you should have a drug and alcohol management plan in place. This plan should clearly detail the responsibilities of management and employees in the workplace, details of the testing to be carried out, what happens when someone is detected under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including disciplinary actions, and information about education and support programs.

Thankfully, Integrity Sampling can help you will all aspects of developing and implementing a drug and alcohol management plan, including carrying out the drug testing. In Queensland, we have 5 branches (Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville) and our services cover much of the state.

For more information contact us via the website or phone 1300 SALIVA.

Drug testing in a Queensland workplace – there’s plenty of reasons to justify it.

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