Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland takes to the rails


Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland workplaces is now widespread, particularly for industries where safety critical roles are common.

The workers who undergo regular drug and alcohol testing in Queensland as part of their roles include those in the heavy vehicle transportation industry, mining, aviation, rail employees and emergency workers.

Another safety critical group of workers who undergo compulsory drug and alcohol testing – at least on many sites – are construction workers. All building sites financed by federal dollars – including those in Queensland – were forced to undertake drug and alcohol testing and implement a drug and alcohol policy as part of amendments to the Building Code 2013. The amendments came into affect in late 2015.

In announcing the amendments, the then Minister for Employment Senator Eric Abetz said the changes were made to ensure higher standards of workplace safety for construction sites.

“It is essential that workers on construction sites do not present a risk to themselves, their co-workers, and the public by having drugs and alcohol in their systems,” Minister for Employment Senator Eric Abetz said.

“Safety is a paramount consideration on construction sites.  It is simply an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of employees and the public to have workers affected by drugs or alcohol on construction sites.”

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Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland workplaces is now widespread and includes rail safety workers.

By John

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