How dangerous is the drug ICE?


A recent report on ABC’s 7.30 has investigated just how dangerous the drug ICE can be and whether the reports of full-scale addiction are true.

In the report, recreational users of the drug claim they use ICE to be stimulated, awake, alert and happy. These people – including many white-collar workers – say they use the drug to occasionally work or play harder. This is backed up by anecdotal and real evidence that shows while the use of ICE is relatively widespread, most people are ‘light’ users.

However, the 7.30 report also found users and specialist who say the drug is as dangerous and addictive as reported. Chris Mordue, an addiction specialist, claims that he’s treated many people who’ve used cocaine over a number of years and managed the use relatively successfully, who have had major issues when they’ve tried ICE.

One person who was addicted to ICE was former world champion surfer Tom Carroll, who started using ICE to help him cope with career and personal issues. He claims that ICE can ruin lives. “It (ICE) will be your greatest taker. It will take everything.”

To read a transcript of the 7.30 report, go to the ABC’s website.

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