Is it appropriate to conduct our own “in house” testing?

Integrity Sampling’s primary service is providing our expert accredited technicians to conduct all necessary testing for our clients. We service the majority of our clients with our own accredited technicians. This  is cost effective, allows use of the best testing technology available and is compliant  with the relevant Australian Standards. In some circumstances eg. If...

What is the impact of the proposed new National Harmonised OHS Laws?

The proposed Legislation again requires employers to manage risks, such as the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, in their workplace.  Employers need to implement proactive strategies to manage such risks. Workplace Standards (TAS) recently stated “Where impairment due to alcohol and drug use is considered a factor in a workplace accident, the courts will...

Why is saliva drug testing so accurate?

Saliva testing detects what is known as the “parent” drug, the psychoactive component which gives the “high” from the drug.  The accuracy of the saliva test is dependent upon the quality of the test device. (Australian Standard AS4760 recommends devices which have an adequacy indicator and an instrument to interpret the result.)

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