Workplace drug testing in Queensland – the force is with you!

Two of the questions Integrity Sampling is regularly asked, and it’s no different for our Queensland branches, is can I legally implement drug testing in my business and, if it’s legal to implement workplace drug testing, how will my employees react?

They are reasonable questions and also reasonable concerns, but thankfully the simple answer is that you can legally implement workplace drug testing in your Queensland business in a way that won’t get your workforce offside. The trick is to do it in the right way and for the right reasons.

Queensland and Australian workplace drug testing laws are on your side

Firstly, on the question of Australian workplace drug testing laws, you haven’t a concern. That’s because like any workplace in Queensland, you have an obligation to create a safe working environment for your employees. Conducting workplace drug testing in your Queensland business is a small but important step in the process of making your workplace safer, as it helps to ensure that your employees are fit and safe to be at work.

Where Queensland workplaces can come unstuck is when they implement drug testing or alcohol testing without adequate policies and procedures. This provides loopholes for employees to raise concerns and potentially dispute positive drug testing results. That’s why it’s important to develop robust and detailed policies and procedures – and communicate them to employees – before the first drug test is conducted.

Employee should be on your side too

It’s understandable that you may be concerned about how your employees will react to you implementing workplace drug testing, but they’ll generally be on your side.

At the end of the day, it’s also in their best interests to have a safe workplace. Let’s face it, the cost to them of having a fellow employee come to work under the influence of a drug or alcohol is potentially far greater than just financial loss. It’s a risk to their lives.

The important step is to educate your employees about your policy and procedures, and the reasons why you are implementing the testing. If you handle this step well, the only people who are likely to have an issue with you implementing workplace drug testing in your Queensland business are people who are likely to provide a positive drug test!

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Implementing workplace drug testing in your Queensland business can be done in a way that is perfectly legal and won’t get your employees offside.


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